Information on usage of funds from issue of F Series shares

Funds aquired from share issue43.187. 010,00 PLN 
Used funds    
Repayment of loan from SSB & TC/London 5,334,000.00 PLN Current report No. 58/07
Repayment of credit from BPH S.A. Bank 11,000,000.00 PLN Current report No. 66/07
Purchase of induction furnace for Zespoł Odlewni "Rafamet" sp. z o.o. 6,000,000.00 PLN Current report No. 76/07
Increase of value of current assets (increased by the difference between planned and spent amounts for the public offering) 2,897,218.79 PLN Completed
Costs of F Series shares public offering 1,361,546.68 PLN Completed
Overhaul of Waldrich-Poręba WPF 75 Planer Mill 1,500,000.00 PLN Completed
Overhauls of owned machine stock 1,075,000.00 PLN Completed
Purchase, overhaul and modernisation of WALDRICH - COBURG type 17 - 10 FP 250 NC / 8000 Planer Mill 4.469.340,20 PLN Completed
Purchase, overhaul and modernisation of WALDRICH - COBURG typ 17 S - 10 FP 300 NC / 6000 Planer Mill 4,549,904.33 PLN Completed
Manufacture of KCI 600/800N Vertical Turning and Boring Mill 5,000,000.00 PLN * Completed
  43,187,010.00 PLN  

* The cost of the investment has amounted to 5,849,702.87 PLN, the difference has been paid from the own funds of the company.



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