Public offer on F series shares

Legal basis of the issue:-

  • Act on public offering and conditions of issuing financial instruments to organized trade system and on public companies dated 29.07.2005 (Dz.U. No. 184, Item 1539 with further changes)
  • Resolution No. 2/I/07 of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on increasing of nominal capital of the company in the way of public issue of the F Series shares with pre-emption right for the existing shareholders dated 18.04.2007 changed by the Resolution No. 14/I/07 of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders dated 21.06.2007.

Type of securities and number of votes on GMS
Ordinary bearer shares, each share gives right to one vote on GMS

Denotation of issue
F Series shares

Nominal value of share
10.00 PLN.

Information on approval of prospectus by financial supervision authority (KNF)
Decision by KNF dated 13.09.2007 on approval of prospectus in the form of consolidated document made in connection with public offer of F Series shares and decision by KNF dated 28.09.2007 on approval of annexure no. 1 to the prospectus.

Number of share being subject to public offer

Issue price
15,00 PLN

Number of effectively subscribed shares

Reduction rate

Date of registration of increase of share capital


Schedule of offer
Last listing of shares with preemptive right 15.05.2007
Date of preemptive right 18.05.2007
First listing of preemptive right 17.09.2007
Last listing of preemptive right 25.09.2007
Commencement of subscription 21.09.2007
Completion of subscription 28.09.2007
Allotment of shares 09.10.2007



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