Range of wheel tread diameters: 600 to 1,250 mm
Maximum wheelset weight: 4 × 10 kN
Range of adjustable track gauges: 1,000 to 1,676 mm




The UFB 125 N Above Floor Wheel Lathe is a CNC double-saddle special-purpose lathe designed for reprofiling of wheels used in rail vehicles. The machine tool ensures productive machining of solid (monoblock) wheels and wheels with tyres of both used and new wheelsets.

The wheelsets can be provided with outboard axle boxes, gears installed between the wheels and brake discs.

The wheelset is rolled onto the built-in wheelset elevator along rails, automatically centred and clamped between the centres and the friction drive rollers - three rollers are attached to each wheel.

The main drive is powered by six AC motors of infinitely variable rotation rates and digitally controlled in master / slave system.

The UFB 125 N Above Floor Wheel Lathe is capable of performing the following operations:

  • Turning of wheel profile according to technological program;
  • Wheel rim inner facing;
  • Turning of tyre in order to remove retaining ring;
  • Wheel rim outer facing;
  • Turning of limit machining groove;
  • Turning of wheel centre;
  • Axle-mounted brake disc facing;
  • Wheel-mounted brake disc facing.




  • Major body elements made as extremely rigid, heavily ribbed box-type high-grade iron castings guaranteeing the best dumping of vibrations produced during cutting process;
  • Main drive from six friction rollers individually powered by AC motors of continuously variable rotation rates and digitally controlled in master / slave system;
  • Automatic and reliable profile wear measurement using touch-type measuring heads;
  • Productive machining of narrowed (economical) wheel profiles;
  • Operation in roll-in roll-out system;
  • Versatile equipment and wide programming capabilities facilitate easy machining of unusual wheel profiles;
  • Adjustable track gauge in the range of 1,000 to 1,676 mm.


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